Online Responses and Class 9/19/16

Hi All,

Thank you to those who wrote asking for clarification about the Online Responses and those who wrote about the similarity of two questions.  I fell ill Wednesday evening and did not feel confident changing them.  Some of your comments were stopped via moderation, but that has been changed.  Because so many of you had complications or questions, I’m extending the deadline to Wednesday at midnight for the first response.

Be sure to bring the St. Thomas Aquinas and Mary Daly readings with you to class tomorrow.



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  1. 3. The Catholic Church is a longstanding and important institution in the west, that shaped the way we contemporarily view gender by setting restrictions to the roles each gender has in a particular practicing community. Males are often encouraged and given high ranking leadership positions within the church whereas many women are limited to lower ranking roles and traditionally more home related works such as cooking and nursing.


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