Good Luck, Farewell, and Final Papers

Hi All,

So concludes the Introduction to Women’s Studies.  I hope you found some new ways of thinking about the way society constructs identities for certain groups or bodies, how those groups or bodies resist or accept such identities, and overall how studying gender, sexuality, class, ability, geography, and race/ethnicity has developed over the years. I hope you found the class, the readings, the questions, and the discussions as a bit of a stretch intellectually (maybe personally) in our wrestling with different concepts or the authors who presented them.

Again, there’s no on Wednesday this week, as today’s class was the last time we’ll meet.  Your five to seven (5 – 7) page final paper is due via email Wednesday, December 21st by 12am (00:00).  Your paper should be double spaced with 1in. margins, in Times New Roman size 12pt font, in MLA format, with a Works Cited page with at least five (5) references. (For most of these specs, I believe they are the default in Microsoft Word/Open Office with a bit of tweaking.)  Follow this link if you need to see the three essay questions again.  Please note that if you have a draft you’d like more help with, you can email me regarding your draft until Wednesday, December 14th.

I’ll post your very last Online Response, open from today’s posting until Friday at 12am, in a moment.

It’s been fun and enlightening teaching you and I wish you the best of luck in your professional and personal endeavors.